Specialists in building control panels for the American market

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Designing, dimensioning, and constructing UL-panels

Holtec.dk has been authorized to UL-list control panels since 2004, ensuring design to be in accordance with the UL508A (Industrial Control Panel) standard.

We can design, dimension, document, and mark UL control panels in accordance with this standard at panel workshop. Having control panels built to the UL508A standard is beneficial for you as the regulatory authorities have a right to expect that UL-listed panels follow American legislation (specifically the National Electric Code).

By choosing Holtec as your provider, you are guaranteed a partner for the construction of UL-panels with the necessary knowledge of American laws and regulations in the field of control systems. Benefit from our advice on the best components and solutions to meet your production needs without compromising relevant legislation.

Competent advisor for UL-panels

In-depth knowledge of standards and directives

At Holtec.dk, we are audited by UL International DEMKO with a minimum of 4 inspections per year. This guarantees that we are up-to-date and maintain an in-depth knowledge of the standards and directives related to machine installations, particularly NFPA79 and NFPA70 from the National Electric Code. This applies not only to UL-panels, but also when we provide panels for the Canadian market, where the control panel must be equipped with cUL as a listing mark. Special requirements from the Canadian Standards Association are also taken into consideration.

Since 2004, we have delivered approximately 850 UL panels to the North American market for the following industries:
  • Greenhouses
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Waste sorting facilities
  • Incineration boilers
  • Wood processing machines
  • Dry ice pelleting
  • Dry ice cleaning
  • Mineral wool industry
  • Wind turbine industry