Flexible robotic solutions

Competent robot programming and robot integration
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Robotic solutions – Quality-assured total solutions and partial solutions

At Holtec.dk, we value and cherish our extensive internal competencies and our large network of partners across the automation industry.

It is through our competencies and long-standing collaborations that we have accumulated the capacity to build control systems and program quality-assured robot solutions for production companies.

Today, we have an extensive experience in the programming aspect of robotic solutions and robot integration as well as the ability to building and project managing custom solutions.
We can create robotic solutions of different types and brands for industries such as:

  • Palletizing
  • Item handling
  • Sandblasting
  • Pick-and-place tasks
  • Robot-vision combinations
  • ... and much more
Robot integration

Automate and optimize your production chain

At Holtec.dk, we have extensive experience in programming and integrating tailor made robot solutions to optimize your current facilities and production lines by increasing the level of automation.

Robot integration provides production companies with the opportunity to operate at a higher speed and accuracy in the production line.

Get in contact and let us initiate the development and integration of competent robotic solutions for your production. Naturally, we offer a non-binding dialogue about the type, size, and scope in relation to your current task, so we can ensure that our product matches your specific needs. We want to create value.