Series production of control panels from in-house workshop

Series production
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Competent and experienced producer of control panels

The production workshop in Croatia integrates our 35-years of experience into ensuring a high-quality outcome from our mass production of control panels.

All our local employees have a qualified electrical technical background in automation, allowing us to provide the same flexibility and quality in our international branches as in our Danish branch. With our own production workshop, our customers benefit from full independency from third-party suppliers – instead, you gain the full advantage of teaming up with a partner who has the capacity to mass-produce control panels with a high degree of freedom and flexibility.

We help all of our customers optimize their production through serial production of relevant control panels. Naturally, we can provide the initial contact and project planning in Denmark.

Freedom of choice

Effective task completion with the freedom to choose

Our specialists are experienced in both the construction and design of control panels, allowing us to draw on our internal expertise when producing control panels in small or large quantities. Additionally, as a customer you benefit from a guaranteed delivery of an effective solution with room for creativity and freedom to opt for the specific solutions and components that are the perfect match for your needs and resources.

Have high ambitions for the partnership—we do, too! Want to know more about your options for mass-producing control panels, please feel free to reach out. Our technically competent employees are ready to engage with you about your needs and desires and in creating the best possible solution for you.