Cybersecurity, Data collection, IOT, Cloud, analysis, service, and annual verification support BI & CS
Read more about usContact us Business Intelligence & Cybersecurity Services (BI & CS) BI & CS is our data collection and network security service for all industries and the energy and environmental sector.

Data collection enables you to analyze, optimize, and potentially repair errors to your control system. Furthermore, data collection is valuable to comply with strict requirements for data security and ultimately secure your critical infrastructure. BI & CS develops the system needed for data collection and monitoring your control techniques, and we possess the necessary competencies to perform and advise you in relation to the analysis results. Additionally, we can also assist with everything from the concrete monitoring to service and maintenance, offering the full scope of solutions with Holtec BI & CS.

  • Software for data collection
  • Updating existing data collection solutions
  • Network security and data exchange for OT (Operational Technology)
Get your data visualized – locally and/or globally

Data collection – cloud solution or local server BI & CS develops data collection systems based on our own high standards and customer-specific needs.

However, we always ensure that the data collection system makes it easy for you to conduct business in compliance with current, new requirements for businesses and organizations’ cyber and information security (NIS2 Directive, IEC 62443 including ISO27001 and ISO27002) and requirements for oversight (annual verification support) and reporting.
The system, we develop for you can either function as a monitored cloud solution or as a server on-premises solution.

We are fully updated on security directives and comply with European initiatives, where industries are required to increase security for critical infrastructure and cybersecurity (NIS2) in general. Therefore, if you need a competent supplier, developer, partner, and advisor in this area, you have come to the right place.