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Consultancy and project management
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Consultancy and project management of complete automation solutions offers competent consultancy and is an experienced partner for automation solutions and projects.

We offer project management, fabrication, and assembly of complete automation solutions for the energy and environmental sector, the production industry, and the public sector. Your challenges, ideas, wishes, and needs is always our starting point. This way we ensure that the result reflects your company’s vision. Therefore, an open dialogue about any optimization tasks, control-related challenges, and course the general project is a foundation for aligning expectations and setting targets. Here we can uncover our shared competencies and pinpoint the best way for to contribute to a good solution. The sooner, we get involved, the more value we can add to your project, and we therefore recommend that you contact us as early as possible to get the full value of our rich project management portfolio.

The value of long-term cooperation

A complete consultancy and project management service

Consultancy and project management is a large part of our company’s DNA. We believe in and work for long-term cooperation, as it creates the most value for your company and an easier, hassle free and cost-effective solution.
Regardless of the scope of your project, we guarantee a comprehensive service where you will have full access to all the necessary competencies.

Prior to an upcoming project, we will assess and align your needs in terms of design tasks, software solutions, engineering work and similar services to achieve success.
We adjust and finely tune during the project management phase – will there be a need for sourcing in our specialist for larger project management tasks for a period, or should the project be housed with us until ready for plug-and-play? Any solution is possible.

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