Software development with a focus on structure, transparency, and flexibility

Professional software development
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Software solutions and software development is your specialized partner for tailor-made software solutions and software development.

With our collective competences spanning a wide range of relevant electrical engineering disciplines and years of experience in software development for the machine and process industry, we offer automation and software solutions through PLC, IPC, HMI, and SCADA, all fully customizable.
In connection with software development, we can deliver complete systems or integration solutions as a partial or total supplier, depending on your needs and preferences.
Regardless of the scope, we guarantee:
  • Professional software developers who understand the importance of relevant process knowledge and have the necessary mechanical insight .
  • Software solutions based on durable structures, transparency, and flexibility.
  • A partner able to handle and meet even the most complex automation tasks.
Software development is a Siemens Solution Partner and Beckhoff Solution Provider

Through our partnership with Siemens, we have access to their wide range of products and solutions that our certified employees utilize to solve complex automation tasks. As experienced Beckhoff Solution Provider, we have a track record of many advanced solutions with complex Beckhoff-based tasks, particularly in Embedded PC and IPC, as well as hydraulic and electric servo technology and network tasks.

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Today, employs more than 110 employees, and our competency palette spans all disciplines within control engineering, hardware, and software development as well as assembly and construction. In addition to our own in-house expertise, we have a strong network of partners allowing us to draw on specific competencies for software development. Contact us on +45 76767676 or fill out our contact form.