Professional electrical installation and assembly both domestically and abroad

Electrical installation and assembly
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Experts in electrical assembly and installation

At, we value solid, professional partnerships to ensure the highest quality across our automation and electrical technical solutions.

Our partnerships ensure the ability to guarantee our customers a high level of flexibility both domestically and abroad.

One such partner is HS-Tec. With installation and electrical assembly as their area of expertise, HS-Tec can assist with everything from cable pulling to line assembly for customers both domestically and abroad. HS-Tec has experience with electrical assembly of all types of machine systems, where they can assemble everything from small, mobile machines to large and complex production lines. Additionally, they can supervise, or project manage your installation or assembly task, too.

If you’re curious about how HS-Tec will tailor an effective solution to your installation and assembly needs, feel free to reach out to us.

High standards and professional pride

Effective task solution based on your needs

At HS-Tec and, well-educated, specialized, and experienced employees are our prime asset. You can always expect effective task solutions based on current standards, high quality, and your needs and challenges.

We offer total solutions within installation and assembly, from the planning phase to installation, maintenance, and renovation – naturally supplying the correct documentation of the electrical installations to ensure compliance and transparency. Partner HS-Tec is a professional and comprehensive collaboration partner for all tasks within electrical assembly of industrial and machine installations regardless of scope and location.

Additionally, HS-Tec has the necessary electrical authorization to perform machine connections and other authorization-requiring tasks. This gives you the flexibility needed to achieve the goal effectively and safely.