Designing, dimensioning, and programming of servo technology

Servo solutions
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Experienced programmer of complex servo solutions

Throughout our 35 years in the automation market, we have gained extensive experience in dimensioning and programming of servo technology and established a broad knowledge of the most important manufacturers in the market. 

We have developed a variety of different applications with both standalone and synchronized axes, as well as applications with speed control, positioning, cam profiles, synchronous operation and floating saw. This has resulted in a close and long-lasting cooperation with our suppliers, ultimately benefiting your solution. As a result of these partnerships, we can solve increasingly larger and more complex servo tasks than we already have in our portfolio.

We primarily utilize the following partners:

Servo applications

Complex servo solutions

There are a variety of popular system solutions available from our suppliers, and we have had the opportunity to create high-quality servo technology with all of them.

However, we have particularly good experience in solving servo tasks based on Beckhoff’s fast and highly integrable EtherCAT, as this is both competitively priced and suitable for a range of complex tasks. This includes full integration between the PLC and servo controller, fast data handling, and easy and fault-resistant maintenance.
Servo solutions are generally a cost-effective solution today, as a single servo solution offers a lot of value for money.

At, we can be of assistance with a fully integrated solution within servo technology, where we can dimension, program, calculate and deliver guides if requested. In addition, we base our task solutions on close collaboration with the manufacturers’ own servo specialists, so you are guaranteed professionally skilled programmers and specialists regardless of the extent of your servo solution.