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As engineering and automation specialists, we supply fully integrated industrial automation solutions. We can assist as subcontractors and problem solvers with individual software and control tasks or be your full-scope purveyor of complex, turnkey automation solutions.


Locations distributed in Denmark and abroad

Years of experience in automation

Skilled and experienced employees

Projects managed and processed annually
Consistent and strong project management

Project management, software development, controls, and turnkey projects nationally and internationally develops and integrates controls and software solutions.
We design, create, and implement PLC software to a wide range of industries in Denmark and globally.

We have a close collaboration with HS-Tec as our domestic and international installations and assembly partner, and our subsidiary company Setec Process and Data.

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Our employees are the heart of our business

Our employees are our most important resource and key assets. Thus, creating a safe, inspiring, and motivating working environment for everyone is essential to us.

At, you will find a workplace full of exciting and challenging tasks and with ample opportunities for further education within your field. As an international and technically driven company with +110 colleagues in several countries, excels in internal knowledge sharing and cross department co-operation.

Value-adding Innovation

Your idea, our solution

Over the past 35+ years in the automation industry, has acquired the experience and capacity necessary to offer solutions on every scale: From essential software and control functions to large, complex automation solutions – without third-party dependency.

Teaming up with gives you access to our skills, expertise, and know-how – and, possibly most importantly: Our understanding of utilizing those insights in creating the most value for your business. The sooner, we are involved in the process, the better we can apply our creativity and expertise and impact the process to fully benefit you. Have ambitious expectations for the solutions provided by We will deliver.

  • Full transparency and zero third-party dependency
  • Innovative and loyal partners
  • Extensive experience within software and controls

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9 locations in Denmark and internationally

With 9 locations in Denmark and internationally, the expertise is never far away. We value self-sufficiency and building knowledge. Therefore we have all the necessary competencies in-house, offering our customers full flexibility when it comes to larger software and automation solutions.

Our sectors and business line

Integration of control and software

Utilizing integration of control and software to optimize production or create new solutions is at the very core of what we do at Whether built from scratch or added to an existing production line, we offer creativity, competence, and a holistic approach to deliver a value adding solution.

We have an extensive experience in integrating new equipment and software into existing productions, and we have both the curiosity and the patience to successfully optimize, expand, or rebuild your production line. Building from your current workflow,’s specialists will recommend and implement integrated solutions of optimizing controls and software as well as offer composition of new hardware to further improve the production line. We are experienced in project management, enabling you to focus on other tasks.

Cyber security, BI and data collection


Water works • Industrial washing plants/systems • Water treatment


Waste sorting • Treatment plant • Waste water solutions


Wind power • Biogas plant • Power-to-X • Combustion plant • Heating plants

Building the machine

OEM • Machine shops • Ventilation • Development tasks projects

Production and processes

All types of manufacturing companies • Optimization of processes and technologies

The food sector

Producers • Refinement/processing • Dairies • Slaughterhouses • OEM

Core competencies

Among our core competencies you will find PLC programmers, software programmers and developers, project managers, technicians, and HW designers; all ready to engage with you and your software development and automation.
Energy & Production optimization

” We strive to become the preferred industrial automation supplier on the market. We offer a complete palette of knowhow and experience to lift the industry’s automation projects to new hights. “

Søren Maarssø

Chairmann & Founding Partner

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