Automation of process and production equipment

Automation and optimization
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Automation – your way to an efficient and profitable production line has developed a wide range of competencies in automation having helped a wide range of industries and the energy and environmental sectors to optimize their production lines and ensure a more efficient production.

During the past 35 years, we have experienced first-hand how the degree of automation is decisive for running a profitable production. We remain as ambitious, invested, and determined to being a competent partner and trusted advisor in this area as ever.

With our extensive insight and deep technical knowledge, we can add to your specific company knowledge, customer understanding, and experience to find the most valuable solution.

Optimization and efficiency

Building profits by optimizing existing process and production equipment

The goal of any automation solutions should be to optimize your existing process and production equipment to create a more profitable business.

At, we have that in mind.

By keeping your production updated with technological developments and market demand, you remain cost-efficient and relevant to your customers. Holtec can advise you on optimizing your processes and equipment as well as integrating new controls and software solutions – we have the tools, concepts, and competencies required.

Contact us to learn more about your options for optimization and automation, and let our expertise benefit your business.