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Generator solutions
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Generator systems and solutions since 1961

In 2019, Stampes Elektro became part of Holtec, and the merger has increased the synergy between our companies – much to the benefit of our clients.

Stampes Elektroz has been generating solutions since 1961, offering renovations, sales, construction, and rental of generator solutions for all industries.

With Stampes Elektro fully integrated into the Holtec Group, we both benefit from our combined professional competencies and specializations. Today, our customers have access to complete and customized generator solutions for everything from waterworks and wind turbine industries to all other industries that require extra backup and emergency power systems.

Since its founding, Stampes Elektro has delivered over 5000 generator sets from 3-3500 kVA and continues to operate, maintain, and construct quality-assured and specified generator solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

Generator systems

Supplier of fixed or portable systems

Generator systems can meet a variety of needs – with Holtec as advisor you can be sure to find a solution meeting yours.
Generator solutions can add value through supporting a production line to eliminate downtime and be a stable backup supply as an emergency power system or a stabilizing entity to a fluctuating supply system.
At Holtec and Stampes Elektro, we have years of experience in the automation industry, guaranteeing you a competent partner for the construction or rental of your future generator solutions.

Reach out to our technically competent supporters today to hear more about your options and finding a solution fitting your needs.